LIBERIA TELECOMMUNICATIONS CORPORATION (LTC), represented by and thru its Acting Managing Director, Petitioner, v. JAMES QUIAH et al. and PHILIP G. WILLIAMS, Senior Labour Inspector/Labour Relations Officer, Ministry of Labour, Respondents.


Decided: March 1, 2005

At the call of this case, Counsellors M. Kron Yangbe and Samuel R. Clark of the Cooper and Togbah Law Offices appeared for petitioner/appellant and Counsellor Charles K. Williams of the Dugbor Law Firm appeared for respondents/ appellees.

Counsels for petitioner/appellant requested to make a submission which was granted. In their submission, the appel-lant’s counsels informed the Court that as faras they can remember, this matter had been settled except for the payment of the costs of court.

Counsels for the appellees, in confirming the statement made by the appellant’s counsel, informed the Court that his clients were paid their claims. Appellant’scounsel brought to the attention of the Court a notice of voluntary discontinuance that had been filed and signed by both parties.

This Court, having ascertained from the parties whether their clients fully acquiesced to the notice of voluntary discontinuance and withdrawal of the appeal, it is hereby adjudged that the submission made be, and same is hereby granted. The appeal is withdrawn, matter discontinued, and the Clerk of Court is hereby ordered to have the case stricken from the docket of this Court. And it is hereby so ordered.

NOTE: Chief Justice Cooper, having served as counsel at the Cooper and Togbah Law Firm and was involved in the matter, recused himself, and therefore did not sign this judgment.

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