Legal Services

Legal Research

Legal research is time consuming and legal professionals take hours to sift through law reports in order to build their arguments, determine the precedential strength and weaknesses of cases, etc..

West African Law Journal

Our flagship publication, West African Law Journal (WALJ), is focused on all aspects of law and is the first sub-regional journal providing peer-reviewed content on topics of relevance to West Africa, specifically, and Africa in general.

Legal Research and Writing Services

We know it takes a great deal of time and energy to carryout quality legal research. Therefore, we are helping lawyers stay on top of their game, in the fast-paced legal environment, by doing the heavy lifting and reducing their turnaround time.

Human Rights

We use the law to turn the concept of human rights into reality. We place premium on fact-finding and research.  Our team of lawyers are available to work with you to craft human rights laws, policies, and programs.


Laws regulate society and members of society ought to be abreast of laws by which they are  . In view of this, we offer trainings tailored to meet our clients’ needs in various aspects of law including human rights, labor, land, and natural resources.

Labor Law

We can help you craft essential policies suited to your workplace and consistent with Liberian law. Our well-learned labor law experts can help you develop policies, amongst others

Social Science and Market Research 

We conduct high-quality research in different fields using innovative technologies and advanced methodologies. We undertake research projects to address critical social issues in communities by exploring multi-layered contexts and social systems. We place emphasis on social change and social action that help in finding a practical solution to community problems. 


We design and conduct polls on contested issues, candidate suitability, voters’ perception, etc. We also provide a secure online voting system to help you succeed in running your elections (big or small). From annual meetings, employee consultations, to shareholder elections, we employ project management and testing processes to ensure your election is setup with high confidence and guarantee high turnout. Results are automatically released when elections are closed.

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