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Est. 2021

About Us

LIBLAW is the ultimate in legal and social science research in Liberia, and an aspiring thought leader in West Africa. Founded in 2021, the goal of LIBLAW is to produce cutting edge products through a combination of technology, world-class analysis, and local context. We aspire to provide timely and high quality legal and social research products that inform decision-makers at the highest levels nationally and internationally. In addition to locally-based experts, our pool of internationally-based experts provide rich and diverse insights on contemporary advances in social science, law and jurisprudence across the sub-region. We serve the legal community, non-profit organizations, businesses, private individuals, etc. Professional responsibility and high ethical standards are mainstreamed elements of our approach to the provision of services for clients.


  • Top in legal research and analysis
  • Top in social science research and its aesthetics
  • Adept at new media and technology
  • Top communicators
  • Over 40 years of combined professional experience

What our clients say

You are pacesetters and pathfinders in the legal hemisphere of Liberia. Keep up the good work.

Attorney Sondah Geepea Wilson

Executive Director, SEARCH

Liblaw has been very useful and helpful to my law practice. A case in point, on January 15,2024, I was doing a research and Liberli was inaccessible. After several hours without any results, I decided to try Liblaw. Fortunately for me, I was able to access Liblaw library and I did my research. I highly recommend Liblaw to lawyers.

Attorney Emmanuel Reeves

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