LIBERIA ELECTRICITY CORPORATION (LEC) by and thru its Managing Director, Appellant, v. MAMADEE CONNEH and THE BOARD OF GENERAL APPEALS, Ministry of Labour, Appellees.


Decided July 6, 1983.

When this case was called for hearing, Counsellor Paul Berry appeared for the appellant; Counsellor S. Edward Carlor appeared for the appellees and called the Court’s attention to the fact that he had filed a motion to dismiss appellant’s appeal for failure to proceed. Counsel for appellant having conceded the legal soundness of said motion, it is therefore adjudged that the motion should be and the same is hereby granted and the appeal dismissed. The Clerk of this Court is ordered to send a mandate to the lower court commanding the judge presiding therein to resume jurisdiction over the case and enforce its judgment. Costs are ruled against the appellant. And it is so ordered.

NOTE: Mr. Justice Boimah K. Morris was absent when this case was heard; hence, he did not sign this judgment.

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