JOSEPH KOLLIE, Jr., Appellant, v. ANSUMANA KONOBA, Appellee.


Decided June 29, 1984.

When this case was called for argument at this Bar, Counselors Julius Adighibe and David Doyan appeared for the appellee/ movant while Counsellor Clarence E. Harmon appeared for the appellant/respondent. Following the announcement of representations, the appellee called the Court’s attention to a motion he had filed to dismiss the appeal because of material defect on the appeal bond. Counsellor Harmon, who had not filed a resistance to this motion, conceded the legal and factual soundness of the motion, but expressed profound regret that the case had been legally mishandled on the trial level by the counsel who represented the interest of the objector.

Wherefore, and in view of the foregoing, it is hereby adjudged that the motion to dismiss the appeal is granted, with costs against the objector/appellant. The Clerk of this Court is ordered to send a mandate to the court of origin commanding the judge therein assigned to resume jurisdiction and enforce the judgement of the trial court. And it is hereby so ordered.

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