JOHN T. KOBBAH, Appellant, v. REPUBLIC OF LIBERIA, Appellee.


Decided: July 31, 1981.

When this case was called for hearing, no one appeared for the appellant. The appellee, represented by Solicitor General Jimmie S. Geizue of the Republic of Liberia, gave notice of abandonment of further prosecution of this case. After considering the said notice of abandonment by the Solicitor General, it is hereby adjudged that the same be and is hereby granted and the appellant ordered discharged without day.

The Clerk of this Court is instructed to send a mandate to the trial court informing it of this judgment. And it is hereby so ordered.

NOTE: His Honour Roosevelt S.T. Bortue being of counsel for one of the parties prior to his elevation to the Bench, recused himself from the hearing and consideration of this case; hence, he did not sign this judgment.

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