THE INTERNATIONAL TRUST COMPANY OF LIBERIA, by and thru its Senior Vice President, WILLIAM PLATT, Appellant, v. MOSES KETTER, Appellee.


Decided: February 3, 1983

When the case was called for hearing of the motion to dismiss the appeal of the appellant, Counselor B. Mulbah Togbah appeared for the appellant and no one appeared for the appellee. Counsel for appellant then called the Court’s attention to a notice of withdrawal of their appeal as filed on September 18, 1980, which we hereunder quote as follows:


Mr. James Mooney
Clerk, the People’s Supreme Tribunal
Temple of Justice
Mr. Clerk:

Please take judicial notice and spread upon the records of the Honourable People’s Supreme Tribunal that the parties to the above entitled cause of action having mutually settled the above entitled case, do hereby jointly withdrawn the entire suit together with the appeal filed by the International Trust Company of Liberia and all other pleadings that might have been made and filed in relation to said case, without any reservation. Respectfully submitted: 1. Moses Ketter of the Settlement of White Plains, plaintiff\appellee, by and thru his counsel, the Steele & Steele Law Firm, /s/Roger Steele, Counselor-at-Law. 2. The International Trust Company of Liberia, by and thru its Senior Vice President, by and thru their counsel: Cooper & Togbah Law Office, 11 Center Street, Monrovia, Liberia, /s/ B. Mulbah Togbah, Counselor-at-Law.”

After considering the notice of withdrawal, it is hereby adjudged that by reason of the withdrawal of the appeal, the case is ordered stricken from the docket with costs against the appellant.
The Clerk of this Court is ordered to send a mandate to the court; below, informing it to resume jurisdiction and enforce its judgment. And it is hereby so ordered.

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