ELMO L. DINKINS and GRACE DINKINS, Appellants, v. HENRIETTA J. ADDO and His Honor, C. A. BENSON, Associate Stipendiary Magistrate of the Commonwealth District of Monrovia, Appellees.


Decided December 16, 1966.

A. Garga Richardson for appellants. Diggs for appellees. Richard A.

When this case was called for hearing, counsel for appellees requested the Court to dismiss the appeal in keeping with Rule IV (6) of the Revised Rules of this Court (13 L.L.R. 393, 697-698 ), the case having been regularly bulletined and appellants having failed to appear at the call of the said case. After considering the application of counsel for appellees, it is hereby ADJUDGED that the said application of the appellees’ counsel is hereby granted and the case ordered dismissed ; and Counsellor A. Garga Richardson, of counsel for appellants, is fined in the sum of $so to be paid forthwith for his failure to appear and prosecute his appeal after the case was assigned and bulletined for hearing. Costs of these proceedings are ruled against appellants.

And the clerk of this Court is hereby instructed to send a mandate to the lower court informing it of this judgment. And it is hereby so ordered. Given under our hands and the seal of the Supreme Court of Liberia this 6th day of December, 1966.

 [Sgd.] A. DASH WILSON, SR., Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Liberia. [Sgd.] LAWRENCE E. MITCHELL, Associate Justice, Supreme Court of Liberia. [Sgd.] WILLIAM E. WARDSWORTH, Associate Justice, Supreme Court of Liberia. [Sgd.] CLARENCE L. SIMPSON, JR., Associate Justice, Supreme Court of Liberia. [Sgd.] A. AUGUSTUS ROBERTS, Associate Justice, Supreme Court of Liberia.

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