BOIMA C. COLEMAN, SUNDAY JONES, and MARK TEA, Justices of the Peace for Montserrado County, JOE GIO, Constable for Montserrado County, or his Deputy Counsel for Said County together with Any and All Other Persons Acting Directly or Indirectly under their Authority or Independently, Appellants, v. FOLLEY KAIDII, Appellee.


Decided December 16, 1966.

When this case was called for hearing, no one appeared either for the appellants or for the appellee. The clerk informed the Court that a notice of withdrawal had been filed by counsel for appellants. In view of the said notice of withdrawal, it is hereby ADJUDGED that the said notice of withdrawal be, and the same is, granted and the case ordered stricken from the docket of this Court with costs against appellants. And the clerk of this Court is hereby ordered to send a mandate to the court below informing it of this judgment. And it is hereby so ordered. Given under our hands and the seal of the Supreme Court of Liberia this 16th day of December, 1966.

[Sgd.] A. DASH WILSON, SR., Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Liberia. [Sgd.] LAWRENCE E. MITCHELL, Associate Justice, Supreme Court of Liberia. [Sgd.] WILLIAM E. WARDSWORTH, Associate Justice, Supreme Court of Liberia. 705

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