BP MID WEST LIMITED-LIBERIA, represented by its General Manager, P. KITSON, Petitioner, v. HIS HONOR FREDERICK K. TULAY, Assigned Circuit Judge, presiding over the People’s Sixth Judicial Circuit Court, Montserrado County, sitting in its December Term, A.. D. 1983, and MAMADEE KROMAH, Respondents.


Decided June 29, 1984.

When this case was called for hearing, Counsellors Joseph Findley and Varney Sherman appeared for petitioner/appellant and informed the Court that they have conceded the legal soundness of the Chambers Justice’s ruling and, therefore, submitted the case without argument. Counsellor Francis G. Y. Garlawolu appeared for the respondents/appellees and raised no objection to the submission made by counsels for petitioner/ appellant. Petitioner/Appellant’s counsels having conceded the legal soundness of the Chambers Justices ruling, it is adjudged that the ruling of the Justice in Chambers be, and the same is hereby, affirmed and confirmed. The Clerk of this Court is instructed to send a MANDATE to the court below ordering the judge presiding therein to resume jurisdiction over the case out of which this certiorari proceeding has grown, and proceed with the trial commencing from the disposition of the motion for new a trial, and to render final judgment. Costs to abide final determination. And it so ordered.

NOTE: Mr. Justice E. S. Koroma heard this case in Chambers and therefore did not participate in the hearing and determination of this case. Hence, he did not sign the judgment.

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