JAMES D. HUBBARD, former Commissioner of Bopolu District, Bopolu Chiefdom, Appellant, v. REPUBLIC OF LIBERIA, Appellee.


Heard: October 17, 1984. Decided: November 22, 1984.

When this case was called for argument, no one appeared for the appellant. Appellee was represented by the Solicitor General of Liberia, Counsellor Abraham Kromah, in association with Counsellor S. Momolu Kiawu, Senior Legal Counsel, Ministry of Justice, who informed Court that the State had filed a motion for abandonment of the cause. The motion reiterates the position taken by the then Justice Minister Chea Cheapoo based on the general amnesty granted by the then M/Sgt. Samuel K. Doe, Head of State and Chairman of the People’s Redemption Council, and the appellant being one of those to whom the general amnesty applies, the motion to abandon said case was filed.

After studying the motion and considering the evidence supporting the motion, it is hereby adjudged that the motion be, and the same is hereby, granted. The Clerk of this Court is hereby ordered to strike this case from the docket of this Court. And it is hereby so ordered.

NOTE: Mr. Justice Yangbe and Mr. Justice Morris did not sit and participate in the hearing of this case; hence, have not signed this judgment.

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