Arnous v Firestone Plantations Co. [1994] LRSC 18; 37 LLR 478 (1994) (18 February 1994)


ALFRED ARNOUS and SHAKIB ARNOUS, Appellants, v. FIRESTONE PLANTATIONS COMPANY, by and thru its President and Managing Director, DON L. WEIHE, Appellee.


Heard: October 20, 1993. Decided: February 18, 1994.

At the call of this case, Counsellor Toye C. Barnard of the Toye C. Barnard Law Firm appeared for the appellant and Counsellor H. Varney G. Sherman of Sherman & Sherman, Inc., appeared for the appellee.


Upon hearing of the motion, counsel for appellee conceded the point laid in the appellant’s resistance to the motion for the denial of the motion. Accordingly, it is therefore hereby adjudged:


1.That the motion to dismiss the appeal is denied, the case to be heard on the merits.


2.That the Clerk of this Court is hereby ordered to re-docket the case for hearing at the next Term of Court. Costs to abide final determination of the case.


NOTE: Associate Justice E. Winfred Smallwood being absent from the country did not participate in the hearing of the case and hence did not sign this judgment.

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