McJULIE A. ARIMI, Respondent/Appellant, v. HENRIETTA MITCHELL- ZITNEY, Surviving Heir, Petitioner/Appellee.

LRSC 16; 42 LLR 560

JUDGMENT WITHOUT OPINION Decided: February 28, 2005.

When this case was called for hearing, Counsellor Scheaplor Dunbar of the Pierre Tweh & Associates Law Firm appeared for petitioner/appellee. No counsel appeared for the respondent/appellant.

The Court’s attention was called by Counsellor Joseph N. Nagbe to the filing of the stipulation of withdrawal of the appeal on November 30, 2001, executed by theappellant’s counsel and his client, thereby withdrawing the appeal before this Court. Both the appellant’s counsel and his client conceded to the authenticity andgenuineness of the said stipulation of withdrawal. It is therefore accepted and it is hereby adjudged that the appeal having been withdrawn, the same is ordered stricken from the docket of this Court. Costs are ruled against the appellant. And it is hereby so ordered.

NOTE: Mr. Justice Greaves, being absent due to illness, did not participate in the hearing of this case; hence he did not sign this Judgment.

Madam Justice Coleman, having traveled abroad, did not participate in the hearing of this case; hence she did not sign this judgment.

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